Since 1985, Copper Arts have been making unique jewelry and gift items on the copper which is the one of the ancient metal in the world history. Our primary purpose is to make an copper art that is wearable on people. So as an artist I also decided to work with local artists US and Canada. We have drawn all designs together and then my small family team applied their designs on the copper. The idea is to carry our local culture to future generations. Now we have 4500 unique designs which have patterns related North American Culture like; important traditional events, Native American life, religious culture, nature events, animal life.

From time to time, we developed our unusual work on the copper and by adding a signature technique like putting individual diamond cuts on the metal made our jewelry unique.

Additionally, we also discovered a locker technique which is special to us. It has been applied four layers on copper. Through this locker process, copper does not tarnish. Every craft piece takes us one week because it has 25 steps.

I hope you enjoy our unique craft!