Irish colorful design bracelet

Irish design bracelets


Knot look 

Green, silver and rose gold knots on the artwork 

30 steps printing and four layers of acrylic coating so not TARNISHING-yes the metal is copper but any metal brass or alloy can tarnish. Most importing part how thick coating and laquer you use. We apply thick acrylic coating. Our work takes us a week. 

Bracelet edges have diamond cuts works made by hand by hand. So this artwork requires handmade craftsmanship. Not a mass production. Our silver and rose gold color has a shinny bright look not matte. After brushing copper several hours then we put the silver color and print art work or art design. We are the only one doing this work!

It is a real man made technique developed by us over the years

Perfect and unique handmade craftsmanship 

Lightweight and adjustable 

L: 6

W;0.45 inches

T:0.03 inches

Adjustable, soft not hard, so fits any wrist. 

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